Sunday, 10 February 2013

So it was my birthday last Friday (the 8th) and I thought it would be nice if I shared some of the presents that I received.

 1. The Pink box-My sister put it together, and it is it was full of memories and souvenirs she has been collecting over the years. Most of its contents are pink, hence the name. Also she gave me this bad ass red lipstick that is so Wanda Woodward (it is like candy. I would eat it if I didn't want to use it so bad).

2. My mum gave me this lovely little mask (I did intend to wear this at my sweet sixteen dinner but a combination of sweat and the strange looks I kept getting from other people made me take it off. It probably wouldn't have been the easiest thing to eat in either.)

3. Socks are my favourite, favourite clothes! (just like Dobby)

4. Books are something I never get bored of receiving. This time I got a pretty notebook (because I love writing), and a biography of Adele. Meghana gave me a Wreck This Journal, which I have been obsessing over and has kept me busy all weekend.

5.  My mum also gave me this lovely card. I got really excited when I saw it because of the amount of pink, flowers and gemstones it had.

6. I was so happy with this gift. My mum gave me a Lanvin purse (I think that says enough). Meghana got me the newest and best additions to my badge collection: Craig Roberts (We just loved Submarine), Audrey Hepburn and Freida Kahlo.

7. Confession: I love Justin. So this was probably the best present I got. The picture says it all.

Meghana made me this beautiful card. The message was so funny.


  1. Such beautiful presents :) I love the card the best though! Thanks again for your sweet comments on my blog, I truly do appreciate such kind words. Also Happy birthday!


  2. You got lots of goodies! Happy belated birthday!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Happy birthday even if it was a little while ago now, and nice haul :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday!
    Wonderful presents!
    Thanks for the sweet comment ;)

  5. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had fun opening you gifts! >.<

  6. beautiful gifts! i especially love these badges, are they handmade?